Full Features List

Admin Portal All Page/Intercom Auto Answer Mode Auto Line Selection
Call Blocking Advanced Call Forwarding Internal Call Transfer External Call Transfer
Call Park & Pickup Call Blocking Call Waiting Call Recording
Caller ID Custom Messaging Custom Hold Music Selectable Ring Tones
Direct Inward Dialing Do Not Disturb API Integration 3-6 Digit Extensions
Extension Lock Named Extensions Fax Machine Integration Simultaneous Ringing
Web Accessible Voicemail Voicemail-to-Email Message Forwarding Group Voicemail
Voicemail Rebound Custom Greeting Remote Voicemail Access Multi-Call Appearance
Headset mode Instant Call Back PC Incoming Call Alert Real-time Call Monitoring
Named Ring Groups On-Hook Dialing Personal Phone Books Call Redial
Saved Number Redial Salesforce Integration Sequential Dialing Speed Dial Directory
3-Way Conferencing Enterprise Conferencing 24-Hour Auto Attendant Call Queuing



Advanced Features

Virtual Auto Attendants:  This is a personal assistant call flow where the system can try and locate the recipient of the call at up to 5 locations.  This is configured per extension and offers an extensive number of options to route incoming calls to a recipient.  Callers are asked to “Announce Themselves, and are offered the option to continue to try the next location or leave a message.

Softphones: A softphone is a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet rather than using dedicated desk phone. The softphone can be installed on a piece of equipment such as a workstation, laptop, tablet or even a mobile smartphone and tablet. This allows the user to place and receive calls without requiring a desk phone or PBX hardware. A softphone is usually used with a headset for clear call quality instead of using a devices speaker and mic.

Presence Notification: Using our communication client, you can see if another user is available. A user can choose to indicate if they are available, busy, away and so on.  This allows other users within the system to see who is available.

Instant Messaging: Our communication client will allow users to communicate via typed message with another user with in the system.  This type of messaging is less invasive than a phone call and typically more response than email.

Group Conference Calling:  This is a password protected calling bridge for people in and outside the system. It also allows the user in control of the call to give listen only or listen and talk ability to the others joining the call.

Video Chat: The basic video chat allows up to 3 users with the system to conduct a video conference. We can also provide Skype for Business which would allow for more users and advanced video chat features.

File & Document Sharing:  Sync, Share, and collaborate documents from any desktop or mobile device. Simple, intuitive, reliable, and most importantly very secure. Our solution provides real-time file back-up and point-in-time restores for PCs and Macs.  It also provides unparalleled protection and business continuity during ransomware attacks. Our File and Document sharing solution offers unmatched features and is a great alternative for expensive on premise file servers.

Single Sign-on: Allows users to sign into a single dashboard and access up to 1,500 applications including Salesforce, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Twitter and much more, using a single user name and password.  This will enhance office productivity by eliminating the need for users to hunt, login and bother helpdesk folks for passwords. A study in 2013 detailed how 76% of network intrusions exploit weak or stolen passwords.  Single Sign-On solutions like ours allows you to maintain high security and password standards while making it easy on the users.