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Benefits of our Maxlink Voip Service

MAXLink VOIP Solutions deliver Fortune500 class technology to every business, no matter the size, at some of the most affordable rates you can find on the market today.  Beyond cost savings, your business will benefit from increased productivity, simplified collaboration and more opportunities to track and manage communication behaviors within your business.

  • White-Glove Training: Every user will receive personalized on-site, one-on-one training with our experts. We’ll make sure all of your users know how to leverage every aspect of your communications system.
  • Help Desk Support: MAXLink provides 100% North American based 24/7/365 phone, email and chat support. MaxLink is dedicated to being accessible to our clients whenever they need help.
  • LOCAL On-Site Support: Unlike most vendors, MAXLink also provides expert LOCAL on-site support at no additional charge, from 8am -5pm Monday through Friday.
  • Self-Service Tools: MAXLink’s platform was built so you could easily maintain it in-house with a few simple mouse clicks. From user changes, voicemail set-ups, configuration changes and so much more, you will have complete control of your system.  However, should you choose to have it managed for you, we provide those services at no additional cost.
  • Reliability & Business Continuity: MAXLink’s platform services over 300,000 endpoints every single day and hasn’t experienced a service-impacting glitch in several years.  However, our reliability hasn’t stopped us from creating fail-over protocols in the event your system goes down, for whatever reason.  In the instance of service interruption, will redirect calls to auto attendants, mobile devices, branch locations, answering services, or other destinations.
  • Single Point of Contact: From the Dial Tone coming into your business to the phone that rings on your desk, MAXLink supports every aspect of your business communications system from end-to-end.  Which means, you will no longer have to wait on hold with the goliath Telecom companies or deal with the phone system repair person that doesn’t respond for days.  One call, email, or chat session to MAXLink and you’ve reached a local provider that services and supports your entire business communications system and it’s guaranteed to be fast.
  • Future Proof Technology: As your business grows so will your communication system. With MAXLink, all of your hardware and software updates are included.  As new technologies are released we’ll integrate them into your communication system without expensive capitol upgrades or extended downtime.  MAXLink’s flexible, scalable and budget friendly platform will not only keep your business on the leading edge of communication technology, it makes it easy to implement and is more affordable than ever.
  • Enhanced Business Communications: Build the Communication System of your dreams. It’ more than having over 40 calling features; it’s about bottom-line results. From a basic phone system to an integrated communication powerhouse. Our Unified Communication System will make your life easier, your staff more productive and allow you communicate like the world’s largest enterprises.
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Great Features, Great Price!

Click here to learn more about the advanced communication solutions MAXLink can provide your business such as: Virtual Auto Attendants, Call Analytics, Mobile Workforce, Branch Office, Presence & Messaging, Audio & Video Conferencing, File & Document Sharing, and Single Sign-On Solutions.

Free Phone Audit!

Sign up to receive a FREE, no strings attached, phone audit!  We come to your office to do a complete communications analysis for your company. At the end of our audit, we’ll summarize our findings and show you the following:

How you can avoid common phone problems like voice mail limitations, dropped or missed calls, and “voice mail jail.” Overlooked ways to improve customer service without overloading your front desk.

Most importantly, just how much money you will save by ditching your old system and upgrading to MAXLink Voip Solutions.